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Dates: 15th-17th of April

Trainer: Dimas Brasil

Dimas was born in Brazil in 1983 began wrapping cars in 2003. Since then, he is always seeking out ways to perfect his technique and to share his knowledge of wrapping wherever he goes. Dimas has participated in shows and competitions in America and Europe.


  • GSWF PPF manufacturing processes and adhesive properties

  • Durability and Applications

  • Solutions

  • Film maintenance and cleaning

  • Ideal Temperature

  • Cleaning and preparation of the substrate

  • Cutting and positioning the film

  • Quality standards

  • Calculation and pricing

  • Efficiency and workflow

  • Dismantling of vehicle parts or alternative solutions

  • Prep for post

  • Edge sealing


  • TWI Wrap Matrix, the logic that explains everything

  • Understand glue, tension and annealing

  • Memory effect

  • BingBingPlate – quickly learn how to cut safely

  • Cutting technique for edges

  • Sexy corners - easy, quick and without wrinkles

  • TWI Matrix bumper, it couldn't be more efficient

  • Mirror wrapping, that's 3D+ learn from the inventor of the " Wrap - U -ezee"

  • TWI Matrix for door handles, bonnet, roof and entire vehicle sides

  • Avoid and minimize adhesive tears

  • Invisible butt joints

  • Working with inserts and cutting tape 

  • Tools (in the practical part you test the world's brand new tools and gadgets)

Miller Decals

 3654 James Road, Acworth, GA 30102 USA


This training's goal is to change the way you think about PPF installation and help wrappers to achieve professional results installing GSWF products.

Especially in the PPF area, it is about understanding the material and its properties. Not only the film, but also the bonding liquids, the cutting and the tension-free finishing are very important. It is about understanding the special properties of the material in order to process it optimally.

You will learn directly from Dimas Brasil - one of the most booked and well-known trainers worldwide, who has traveled across the globe teaching from fundamentals to high level advanced techniques in the best TWI way possible. He takes our motto "Never Stop Learning" seriously, as he is always open to learning new approaches and materials. He will personally teach you his techniques and standards, as well as his basic rules to understand the GSWF materials and its properties.


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